Project Highlights

  • Bridge Deck Removal
  • Bridge Construction
  • Substructure Concrete Repair

Project Overview

In the spring of 2019, unusually excessive rain pushed the Tuttle Lake levels to the second highest ever recorded. Our primary goal was to remove and reconstruct the bridge deck at the Tuttle Creek Spillway Structure. We were directed to move all materials from below the spillway and move off the project for a time in preparation to open the gates for an emergency release of water from the lake. One of the challenges we faced during this project was to protect the motors below the deck used to raise and lower the massive gates on the spillway. To do this, we performed substructure concrete repairs, bridge drain replacements, bearing anchor bolt replacements, and installed new expansion joints. We also replaced the monolith approach pavement, hatches, and resealed the gate trunnions.

Throughout the course of this project, we developed an outstanding partnership with the Corps of Engineers. This partnership fostered a bilateral trust that allowed us to work together, problem solve as a team, and produce excellent results.

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